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Our commitment to combat climate change

It’s no longer a secret. Climate change is a real threat to the future of our beautiful planet and all those that inhabit it. With global sea levels rising, insurmountable amounts of plastic and trash in our water sources, dramatic decline of our honey bee population, and air pollution from fossil fuels, by the year 2050, nearly 50% of the species on Earth will be decimated to near, if not full blow, extinction. Climate change is not, and should not be, a partisan issue. It is a moral and ethical issue that is and will impact every single one of us.

With that being said, First Thought Marketing is taking part in counteracting the progression of climate change. First Thought Marketing is 100% paper and plastic free with all invoicing, services, and materials used through electronic signatures, email, or technology equipment. On top of removing paper and plastic from our equation, all orders on services will have 1% of profits donated towards combating the progression of climate change. If you wish to make a donation on your own, under the “Supported Organizations” tab, there is a section for making a donation to a list of websites that combat climate change, aid in the revival of the honey bee population, clean our oceans, and fight deforestation.

This is not an issue that we can ignore any longer than we already have. Let us make a difference, together for this is not my planet, or yours, it is ours.

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How It All Began

My name is Klint Brown, a recent graduate from Washington State University. For those of you that know me, I need not bore you with a summary of myself and you can skip to the second paragraph. For those of you that don’t know me, I spent four years at Washington State University to finish with a piece of paper that (apparently) declared me a knowledgeable individual in the field of marketing and advertising. I chose to pursue the digital forms of marketing an advertising through social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and online product/service sales. The next few lines will hopefully bring you to understand why I have started First Thought Marketing.

First Thought Marketing was born from an inkling of an idea. The concept that hard work will get you anywhere and anything that you believe you deserve in life. I chose to begin this company because I came to the realization that I thoroughly enjoy working for myself. My father is one of the front leaders for inspiration in my life, and ever since he began his own business when I was twelve years old, I dreamed of working for myself and creating my own schedule that would allow me to travel and experience life on my own timeline.

Thus, here we are. A new venture forged on the principle ideas of timeliness, freedom, and financial endeavors First Thought Marketing is here to help you grow your businesses online presence through carefully directed digital marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, and content curation for the various social media sites that you operate on a daily basis for communication with your customers.

The digital marketing and advertising industry has officially surpassed the traditional marketing and advertising routes, and will online continue to dwarf them going forward. Therefore, the need to attack this industry in the early stages will grow to be more and more essential by the day. Though it is better late than never to join in, the early bird gets the worm.

I am excited to bring my expertise to the table and help you grow your business. Let’s grow together, and become a First Thought. Not an afterthought.